Meditation Lessons

Meditation Lesson is an internal Chinese soft style Martial Art (Chinese: 武術 pinyin: wǔshù) practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits.

Our Meditation Class is follow Da Cheng Chuan which is widely regarded as the most powerful of all Chinese martial arts. Da Cheng Chuan is the highest level of Qi Kung and one of the most potent martial arts.

Da Cheng Chuan consists of the following seven elements:

  • Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditation)

  • Shih Li (Power Testing)

  • Tsou Pu (Walking Chi Kung)

  • Fa Li (Power Explosion)

  • Tui Shou (Circling Hands)

  • Shih Zhan (Freestyle Combat)

  • Jian Wu (Spontaneous Power Expression).

The class is to  learn how to strength our body and mind use our inner power and balance in their fast-paced daily life.

As a result, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims with differing emphasis. Some training forms of Tai Chi Chuan are especially known for being practiced with relatively slow movements.

      Benefits​ For Our Meditation Class

  • Retrain posture

  • Encourage circulation throughout the body

  • Maintain joint flexibility

  • Promote balance and coordination

  • Reduces stress

  • It improves concentration

  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle

  • The practice increases self-awareness

  • It slows aging.

  • The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health

Miscellaneous Fees

Registration Fee: $30.00  Non-refundable annual fee applies to all students (new and returning) - due at registration


  • Group  Meditation Lessons



  • Group Meditation Lessons 60 min

       Single Class $30

       10-class package $ 225

       20-class package $ 425

  • Private Tai chi & Meditation Lessons 60 min

      Single Class $80

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Meditation Class  Agreement

This Agreement applies to all Queens Aquatic Therapy & Medical Group activities  the Student is enrolled in and/or participate in from the first class of the 2018 .


First day of dance class​

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to get comfortable with the facility and to fill out the release Form

Release Form

Our insurance policy requires that all students sign our                          (download, sign and bring to 1st day of class), before they are allowed to attend classes. If you choose not to sign the Release Form, you will not be able to participate in the program to ensure that each person is properly insured.

Registration, Tuition, Costume Payment & Make up Policy

1. Registration

  • Visit the Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group website at and click on the  Meditation  & “Registration” link. Fill out the online registration form and let us know a little bit about yourself, your goals and your availability.

  • We will help you set up your Introductory/Trial Lesson. The Introductory Lesson will be a 30 minute lesson for only $10. If the Introductory Lesson goes well and you would like to reserve your preferred time slot, you will need to bring your full tuition payment to the studio. At this time, we only accept cash payments.

  • Want to register and make an appointment right away? Just contact us at 718.261.8188 to ask any questions you may have and also to make an appointment and register.

2. Registration Fee & Tuition Payments

  • A non-refundable registration fee in the amount of $30.00 is due upon registration. 

  • Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group offers discounts for multiple classes, intensive programs, etc. The discounts are applied to the total tuition at time of registration. The student must complete and pay for all registered classes in order to not invalidate the discount that was applied at time of registration. 

  • Tuition is due IN FULL on or before the first class of each semester. The tuition fees listed in the Tuition Rate Schedule is per semester, and is due prior to each semester.

  • The student or parent/guardian is responsible for making all payments by the start of the semester or any other established due dates.  

​3. Enrollment & Refunds

  • If a class is cancelled by Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group and no other class options are made available, the tuition for that class will be refunded. The registration fee will also be refunded if the cancelled class was the only class the student was registered for.

  • No refunds will be allowed if a student decides to discontinue attending a class due to low enrollment, or for any other voluntary or personal reason. A student who wishes to drop a class after the start of the semester will not receive a refund for the dropped class, but will have the option to request a transfer to a different class during the same semester. Any transfer and class placement must have the approval of the teacher(s) and the Director. Associated tuition adjustments will be determined by the Director on a case by case basis.

  • The tuition is non-refundable after the start of the semester. Credits will ONLY be given if Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group cancels a class, or in the event of a prolonged injury or illness, which prohibits the student from dancing. A doctor’s statement must be presented to Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group in order to claim class credit for withdrawal due to illness or injury. Credits will not be carried into the following school year. Credits will be prorated. There will be NO credit adjustments for voluntary withdrawal or for classes missed due to the student’s personal schedule. i.e. vacations, sports participation, outside performances, etc.. Classes shall be made up in a same level or lower level class as available and the student is responsible for coordinating this with the Instructor for the missed class.

  • Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group will discontinue enrollment for classes that have reached their capacity and reserves the right to cancel classes that do not have adequate enrollment. The decision to cancel a class is at the sole discretion of the Directors and will be made before the end of the second week of classes.

4. Cancellation of Classes

  • We follow PS 196Q Public Schools weather closings. There will be no refunds for classes that are cancelled due to weather conditions. If cancellations are due to instructor illness, or building problems (i.e. power outages, etc.), classes shall be made up in a same level or lower level class as available. 


5. Make-Up Request

  • If your student is currently enrolled in 9 or less classes, and misses a class for any reason, we will be happy to try and schedule ONE make-up per semester.

  • If your student is currently enrolled in 10 or more classes, and misses a class for any reason, we will be happy to try and schedule TWO make-ups per semester.

  • A missed class can only be made up during the semester in which the class was missed. A make-up cannot be carried over to another semester. There are no make-ups for missed make-ups. No make-up can be done during the first week of a semester. We do not offer a choice of instructors for your make up class and availability is based solely on matching students by age, ability and class ratio.

  • Make-up requests can only be submitted by filling out the form                                  and pressing or Emailing the same information to  

  • Email requests will be answered mostly on weekday. We will only respond if your request is 3 days or less from the requested make-up class. Please make your request at least 24 hours before your desired class.

The Rules of Etiquette and Professional Conduct

We expect, and strongly encourage students in striving to attain a high level of professionalism and achievement, and to work in partnership with Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group staff members to promote learning and enjoyment.

  1. Students must attend all scheduled classes from beginning to end, arriving on time. Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group reserves the right to not admit latecomers if they arrive 15 minutes after class starts to reduce the risk of injury and to avoid distraction for fellow classmates.

  2. Frequent absences from classes may result in dismissal from class or performance privileges being revoked (i.e. Spring Showcase). 

  3. No talking in class; no loud talking or running .

  4. No smoking on the premises or immediately outside the main entrance.

  5. All visitors are subject to these Studio Rules and other visitors may observe classes through the viewing windows; please do not stand in the studio entryways.

  6. No food are allowed and drink are only permitted in the waiting area. 

  7. We are not responsible for valuables brought to the studio. Queens Aquatic Therapy and Medical Group offers no secured storage facilities for personal belongings or valuables.

  8. Please protect your  shoes and our floors, so please No street shoes are to be worn on the Classroom floors at any time.


In addition, students should strive to:

❖ Work to their full potential
❖ Maintain a positive attitude when receiving correction in class
❖ Maintain a courteous and considerate attitude towards classmates
❖ Possess a dignified appearance by maintaining the highest level of personal hygiene

Dress Code​

Black T-shirt, dark color gym pants and black Jazz or Kung fu shoes.